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How to Use Safari Browser for Android?

Are you looking for Safari for Android? Can you get Safari for Android? The straightforward answer is no. Safari for Android is not available, and nor will it be. Even though most Apple fans fall for the expensive handsets, they do agree that Safari for iOS devices is the worst. It has different features and functions on the tablet and phone in contrast to the Mac version. Instead, many other browsers are available that gain popularity over Safari, the Apple creation that remains tough to change, is quite confusing and even painful for the users. If Apple established the Safari browser, it does not mean that it is the best of all.

3 Similar Web Browsers for Android

Google Chrome

Google chrome is the flagship of the Android browser that most of the times comes pre-installed among most of the Android devices. Hardly there is anyone on the earth who has not used google chrome on their mobile phones after its extensive use on Mac and PC. You can use Google chrome instead of looking for Safari for Android.

UC Browser

UC browser has a fast download and loading ability that makes it a highly rated app on the Google Play Store. You will see the application opens to a simple background with mostly used web icons already saved to favorites. When you scroll down, you will see various items on the palate, such as business news, headlines, entertainment news, etc. No doubt, it is the best web browser, but it collects unnecessary information and inquires for all the permissions.

Opera Mini

The Opera Mini browser has undergone a significant update on its user interface in recent months. It offers real-time statistical data and reports on the occurrence of data consumption among installed applications. Opera Mini also provides data savings by compressing photos, media, and videos that are accessed over the internet. All this without loss of outstanding quality. You can browse the internet with the application, although some plugins may not run properly.

The Best VPN’s for Android

Using a VPN for Android is necessary for a couple of reasons that are given below:

  • It can bypasses geo-blocking and restrictions, especially for streaming youtube, Hulu, and Netflix.
  • VPN can hide your IP address so that you can remain private and anonymous.
  • A VPN secures your online anonymity and online spying.
  • It helps to keep your personal data secure and safe.

Here are the top 3 VPN’s for android phones that are fast, safe, and secure.

NordVPN – A VON with maximum VPN Servers with various IP Addresses       

NordVPN is a top candidate in each category, but it makes its way to top among Android VPNs due to the remarkably high reviews it receives from its users. NordVPN application earned a 4.3 ranking on Google Play Store, one of the highest ratings we have seen. It has over 5,200 plus servers in 60 different countries. The application also has a built-in ad blocker, so that you can browse the internet more freely and use limited data. The app also offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

Private Internet Access (PIA) – the most flexible VPN for Android

PIA is best known for its high speeds. When tested on a computer, it sustained 81% of our 100 Mbps connection speed. It is one of the fastest logging speeds we have ever seen. If you are looking for high speed and fastest Android VPN, you should use Private Internet Access. PIA also receives a 4.0 rating on the Google Play store meaning that people like the app. Private Internet Access has more than 3,300 servers, which is an amazingly high number. You will always get one in the country where you want that is not getting smashed with the traffic.

TunnelBear – Best Rating on Google Play

TunnelBear offers a fantastic application, which is one of the causes why it is currently rated 4.4 on the Google Play Store. It is one of the highest ratings we have ever seen for a paid VPN service provider. Just like everything else developed by TunnelBear, it is full of cute bears and fun graphics. The application is straightforward and pleasant to use, so you are more likely to use it. The VPN itself is excellent, as well. Unlike iOS, Android gets 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, which means that your traffic is secure. TunnelBear is stable, and they have a no-logging policy. You can read more how to use this VPN here.