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The best free antivirus for Android

Security master was famous under the name of CM security. It is an incredible antivirus with its full suite of popular and most required features. Security Master is not a best free antivirus for Android. In fact, it is more than that. It provides more features other than protection against android viruses, malicious ads, the most popular Trojan hacking tools. Security Master is equipped with various other beneficial tools such as privacy matters, surfing security and the tools which enhance the performance of your machines.

 Security Master automatically checks applications as soon as you click to install them. If it finds anything harmful for your android, it automatically prevents the threats. It has a schedule scan option and also allows you to scan your mobile whenever you feel so.

 Security Master provides you 200mb of data daily to use through VPN.  You can use its VPN according to your own needs. In settings, it has option to use VPN when you are connecting to applications with security risks. Cache and junk files are cleaned through it. Its privacy tools are marvelous and gives you more controls over your private access through passwords.

If someone tries some wrong password, Security Master automatically takes a picture of the thief. Incoming alerts is another welcomed feature of Security Master. Clearing the browsing history automatically after your surfing, is its enhanced security feature.

 Security Master not only records the phone temperature but suggests a list of application which are eating up system resources. It lets you shut down unwanted application. In this away the high temperature of the android phone can be fanned off.

Security Master analysis the hidden application using the battery of your phone and provides details about how much battery you will save after closing such applications. A golden facility! Is not it?

One of its sections is devoted to gaming security only. If you are not interested in games you can turn it off.

Easy to use interface makes it user friendly. You can achieve what you want to do just with in an eye blink.

Sum up: If you need a real master of security, Security Master would be your first priority. It is fully optional with its free version. It provides gaming security, theft security, password security and much more in the form of free but limited VPN.