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How to Use Tunnel Bear

There are several VPN that secures your internet connections. But Tunnel Bear does its security through several encrypted tunnels that are located all over the world. Tunnel Bear helps you to hide your real IP and prevent a third party from tracking your internet sessions.

If your country does not support any form of internet privacy, then using Tunnel Bear will come in handy for you.

How to use Tunnel Bear in IOS

As soon as you download the app, you should follow the on-screen instructions and a few minutes you will have the app installed. The next thing to do is to set up your profile. When you are done with this profile, your device will use the information you provide to configure a location-specific VPN tunnel; this VPN tunnel will help your information be accessed through this virtual location configured by the app.

The Android version of Tunnel Bear will give your phone the necessary security there is, just as it does to your PC. It is a good thing that TunnelBear review is quite easy to use and read in your Android or Iphone device.

Tunnel Bear has the free option for first-time users; this option is also accompanied by two account types that come along with a fee.

Tunnel Bear will need an app to be installed for it to work perfectly in your device; you would either sign in to an already created account, or you make a new one with the ‘create a free account’ option.

You would click the confirmation link that would be sent to your email to complete the process. You have to confirm the installation process of the VPN settings before you can use Tunnel Bear on your mobile device.

Some settings need to be made for the VPN to work very well. All the necessary files that are needed for the proper functioning of the VPN need to be installed here for it to work properly, and don?t panic about how to get the files; you will be prompted to make the necessary file downloads. As soon as you open the app, click the ‘I am Ready’ option in the settings of the app.

You can enable the VPN by navigating to the Settings> VPN, and then you toggle the status to be put ON. When the VPN is running for a while, the app will let you know how much data you can use by the end of the month. There will be a VPN icon close to your battery indicator.

How to use Tunnel Bear in PC

Click the SIGN IN button that lies at the upper right corner of the homepage; you will be asked for an email and a password; when you complete this, you will be redirected to the download page. You can choose which platform you are downloading the app too; either your PC, Android or MAC.

When the set-up is completed, install the Tunnel Bear app on your PC and complete the registration by confirming the link in your email.

After confirming your email, all that is left is for you to log in to Tunnel Bear and begin to set up the whole process just as is explained for IOS above.