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Large Outdoor Dog Kennels for Large Breeds

Large dogs, as a rule, have a stomach not in the house with the owners, but the yard and this is the right decision. A large dog needs a place for movement, a space for comfort and, in the end, its place where it could rest with comfort and hide from the rain, bad weather, and snow.

The building or buying a large dog house is not a difficult task. You just need to know the size of the pet and the suitable design. Large outdoor dog kennels for large breeds – review will help you with this.

Types and Types of Kennels

Kennels can have a classic look or an unusual design decision. But according to the main parameters, it is divided as follows:

  • by material: wood, brick, metal;
  • by type of roof: gable, flat, folding;
  • by size: for small, medium or large breeds;
  • by type of construction: without a vestibule or with a vestibule;
  • by design: classic, diverse solutions – from palaces to houses from the theme of “The Hobbit”;

Thus, there are many options for creating the perfect house for your pet. But most often, the house for dogs, even for large ones, is made of wood.

Why Wood is the Best Option

A wooden dog house has several great advantages over models made of another material. Firstly, it is a budget and affordable. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly. And thirdly, it protects well from wind and cold. Of course, along with the advantages, there are certain disadvantages, for example, such a house serves no longer than 5-7 years, and besides, it is exposed to bark beetles and termites.

But if you select high-quality wood, for example, pine or cedar, then the problem with beetles can be solved.

How to Build a Wooden House for a Big Dog

You can use simple edged boards. Be sure to plan them, polish, so that the animal does not receive splinter. Also, boards must be treated with antiseptic, antiparasitic, refractory and moisture resistant agents.

Outside, the kennel can be painted, but inside you can not use paints and varnishes, as they release substances, and the dog can be poisoned. Instead of boards, cement-bonded boards (DSP) are sometimes used.

For the roof, you can choose any roofing material: slate, metal, roofing iron. It is also necessary not to forget about the warming of the house and for this, mineral veil, polystyrene foam, sawdust, tow are used.

How to Determine the Sizes for the Kennel

The dog house should not be cramped and not too spacious so that the pet does not freeze. Therefore, construction should begin with determining the size of the dog. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the following parameters:

  • Height from paws to withers
  • Length from nose to tail
  • Chest width

Using the height of the dog, the height of the booth and manhole is determined. So, for the booth itself, about 20 cm is added, and for the manhole – 5-7 cm.

Also, pay attention to the length of the dog. The dog should freely enter the house, be able to turn around and lie down. Therefore, for the length of the dog, you need to add another 15 cm. As for the width of the manhole, then another 10 cm must be counted to the width of the chest.

Having all the parameters, you can make a drawing and a sketch, then proceed to the construction or purchase of a kennel.