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Buffered VPN review

A Hungary based company owns the Buffered VPN, the software delivers in some aspect, but it is not as efficient in some other areas. The network is not a big one with just 37 locations.

And even if the servers are just in a few locations, yet they are well spread; Europe, Argentina, North America, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Korea, Russia, Australia, and others.

All these servers all support P2P

Firstly, Buffered VPN does not have the best of service; they just recently added the option to download the mobile app. Its users were not given the option to download apps. But one of the good features it has is that you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Why Buffered VPN

The support system is very important and Buffered VPN has 24 hours live chat. This is a plus for them as it ensures that their client can speak to them any time of the day.

There is only a small free trial for mobile users which is not very good. The trial period is only available as just 1-hour per month. There are no trial periods for desktop.

This is no fair enough, clients are supposed to have enough time to know what they supposed to pay for with a long trial period but buffered VPN does not provide that.

However, you will have a 30-day refund policy if you do not like what you see after paying for a Buffered VPN plan. For the refund, there are no sneaky exclusions, no shadow bills, just send a mail, and you will get your money back.

This can be very cool especially when you signed up for a costly monthly plan of $12.99, and you did not get what you want.

Every of the VPN providers know that they need to assure their client on their logging privacy and tracking. Buffered does this perfectly; in their FAQ page, they simply stated that they do not track your online footprint and there is no logging of online traffic.

This can be good news, but it is not altogether specific. Nothing is mentioned about the session data, device ID and time stamps. The FAQ did not mention anything relating to that; hence they could state they log only data that relates to your connection.

That is some form of logging there, and no client will want to trust them based on those fractions of truth on the FAQ page.

Buffered VPN is not the best name to use when you mean HIGH SPEED, but then it did quite well when the speed is compared. Local servers recorded about 55 to 60Mbps which is quite cool.

But then with remote servers, the speed was reduced to an average of 10Mbps. But these are manageable compared to average deliverable speed.

When it comes to using Netflix, the Buffered VPN got a pass mark. Although the software states that it provides the entertainment that you want, without explicitly stating Netflix, yet it helped unblocked the US Netflix which is a quite difficult task for other VPN to do.