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Express VPN Torrenting Review

This VPN is a good option for providing internet security, but this review will be based on its torrent services.

Is Express VPN good perfect for torrenting?

ExpressVPN is among the best VPN used to download torrents anonymously for several reasons. One of the major reasons is the fact that it actually hides your IP address of the device that you are using and then replaces your IP with a secure VPN server for you to connect to.

There are lots of reputable VPN providers that will give you good anonymity, yet, they do not have as many servers as does the ExpressVPN. This limited server is what usually leads to slow bandwidth when browsing and downloading. In all, the ExpressVPN has a digital network of more than 2000 servers that are used for downloads.

The ExpressVPN app is also perfect to use. No matter where it is installed, on your computer, tablet or phone, it is quite easy to use. You can also select the type of plan you would like to be on with any device you install the app in.

When you are done installing, you can choose to connect to any 148 server locations and browse the internet or begin to download torrents anonymously. The VPN also includes strong security via its encryption while you download anonymously.

The app will encrypt the traffic that comes from the computer, then links this encrypted traffic to their server location that you connect to; this will prevent a third party from accessing these data.

Will express VPN include torrenting restrictions?

Another great reason why ExpressVPN is a perfect solution for torrenting is that it does not impose any form of restrictions on the content of the websites that you can access. With it, you can visit any website, download any data and stream the video content that you wish without any restrictions from it.

Some countries will not allow its citizens to access some websites such as Facebook and Google; with the VPN you can access these websites anytime you wish to.

Are your Logs being recorded?

ExpressVPN does not keep logs of your activities when you use the internet. It also does not keep logs for people using torrents. The company that created the VPN are located in British Virgin Island; this location is chosen because it has no form of restrictions or data retention laws.

Your browser history, DNS queries, and other internet data are safe with you as you browse the internet. Without internet logs, you can be rest assured to enjoy a secure torrent service with ExpressVPN.

To use a torrent client, the ExpressVPN company recommends that you use the uTorrent. However, ExpressVPN clients have the privilege to use any client they prefer. You don?t have to do any registration for the uTorrent. You simply open the ExpressVPN app and then establish a connection before you open the uTorrent.

You should also check if your IP address is hidden correctly before you begin downloading the torrents. Although some persons may think torrenting is not legal, but it is legal if you are sharing and downloading a non-copyrighted material.